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Vegetables in Paper Bags


 "I desire not just to prepare food, but to create an atmosphere as well which leads to a lovely gathering around cuisine in a beautiful ambiance. "

Throughout the last 8 years,  I have experienced wonderful opportunities which have led to my growth and development as a chef.    I have had the opportunity to train under Johnson and Wales Chef, Personal Chef Emily Lane in Charleston, SC.  My time in the kitchen with Chef Emily has been devoted to learning from one of Charleston's best.  Precision and Creativity coupled together have helped me learn that food is a beautiful art form.  Chef Emily has challenged me to rise above "good" to exceptional.  In addition, culinary runs strong in my family, as my brother, William Kern graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.  I have learned how to develop an atmosphere in which one feels extremely catered to due to my brother's influence as he has served many actors, politicians and presidents.   When I enter a space I feel as though it is important for you, my client,  to be introduced to  the best I have to offer  - making it a magical experience. 
I specialize in creating dishes with fresh, quality ingredients. When not in the kitchen, you can find me being creative in other forms of art, or  immersed in non-profit work or time with my wonderful family.  

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